Who Me?

My name is Isken Cosip

I am creative

I’ve always been fascinated with anything that has to do with art as a child. When I was young, I wanted to grow up and be a cartoon (yes, a cartoon). I found out later that I can’t do that, but I could be an adult and make cartoons for a living instead. I went opted to do that direction…well…I dreamed.


I started drawing in kindergarten. I realized early on that I had a knack for it. The bodies I drew were proportionally correct, unlike the other kids in class that thought perceived people having 3-6 strands of hair. Around middle school, I started drawing portraits, with great understanding of lighting and depth. By high school, I was an artist that was fluent in many different mediums like, charcoal, watercolor, oil, acrylic, Copic Markers, etc. At this point in time, Saturday morning cartoons were no longer a thing, and animation were a far cry from the ones I grew up watching. And by that time, I had fallen in love with graphic design…


I have gained much experience as a designer over the years since graduating from School of Advertising Arts in 2008. I have directed campaigns during my time at Abbott Nutrition. I have created floorsets and created concepts for consumer experience during my tenure at Bath & Body Works. And I have created and entire Corporate website from scratch for the eCommerce launch at Big Lots! I was trained to be fluent in print and web design, typography, illustration, and some coding capabilities while I was in saa to become a hybrid designer.

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